Tobacco Harm Reduction

The Tholos Foundation’s work on Tobacco Harm Reduction focuses on the international regulation of reduced-risk nicotine products. Through research, speaking engagements, and educational efforts, we advocate for adult access to these lifesaving products.


The Tholos Foundation publishes a monthly newsletter devoted to international developments related to tobacco harm reduction. Each edition includes must-read articles, groundbreaking studies, and updates on what Tholos is doing to promote global THR. You can sign up for our newsletter here.

Educational Efforts

Tholos is constantly engaging with our global allies on educational efforts related to tobacco harm reduction. Listed below are a few of our recent actions. For more information, please sign up for our newsletter or contact Karl Abramson, Tholos’ Consumer Issues Fellow, at [email protected].

Presenting Tholos-commissioned IPSOS Polling Data in Stockholm
Tim Andrews, Tholos’ Director of Consumer Issues, traveled to Stockholm, Sweden to speak at an Environment and Public Health Institute event. The outstanding presentation includes crucial data showing clearly that a Swedish flavored vape ban would lead to increased cigarette smoking, a more prevalent black-market, and dangerous at-home solutions. The presentation can be viewed here.
Educating Kenyan Legislators on the Dangers of E-Cig Taxes
Tholos authored a letter to key members of the Kenyan Parliament containing evidence that the e-cigarette and oral nicotine tax hike included in the nation’s Finance Bill 2022-2023 will have a disastrous impact on public health in Kenya. The letter also discusses the expected harm to businesses and potential national security issues that could arise should the tax hike become law.
Submitting Comments on Public Health in Brazil
ANVISA, Brazil’s leading public health agency, is calling for comments regarding their long-standing vape prohibition. Tholos submitted comments offering scientific studies and evidence that demonstrate the overwhelming benefits that come with vape legalization. Our submission makes note of the extensive black-market that exists in Brazil and offers real examples of the exploitation that occurs in Brazil’s criminal smuggling rings.
Writing to President Duterte of the Philippines Regarding Vaping Legalization
After the passing of Senate Bill 2239, legislation that would legalize and regulate vaping in the Philippines, the bill now awaits the signature of Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte. Recognizing the opportunity for extensive harm reduction, Tholos has prepared a letter to be delivered to President Duterte educating him and his office on vaping and the positive health impacts it brings when cigarette smokers are offered access to the lifesaving products.
Offering Feedback to the EU Commission Legislative Framework on Tobacco Control
The European Union Commission has opened a public consultation regarding the EU’s Legislative Framework on Tobacco Control. The Commission is most-interested in evidence-based comments on newer nicotine technologies, like vaping and oral nicotine products. Our submission offers extensive evidence in support of e-cigarettes and other reduced risk tobacco alternatives like snus. It encourages the EU Commission to embrace the benefits of maintaining adult access to these products and offering adult smokers a healthier alternative.
Publishing an Analysis on Flavored Vaping Products
Property Rights Alliance Fellow Rowan Saydlowski released a fantastic white paper analyzing flavored vapes as harm reduction tools. Rowan, who has previously worked on PRA’s Property Rights Index, drew upon extensive scientific studies and research. His analysis will be an outstanding tool for advocacy and educational efforts. The full paper can be read here.

IPSOS/Tholos Polling

In April 2022, Tholos commissioned IPSOS polling of vape users in Estonia, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Sweden to estimate the impacts of a potential flavored vape ban. The poll results and infographics can be found below.