Coalitions & Conferences

Called a “must-attend event” and the “Grand Central station of the conservative movement,” our flagship coalition was first organized in Washington, D.C. in 1993.

Our meetings allow Center-Right activists and movement leaders to network, collaborate on the crucial issues of the day, and update attendees on the progress of their projects. Attendees represent the broad Center-Right community in DC and across the globe, from think tanks and grassroots advocacy groups to Capitol Hill staffers and foreign dignitaries.

Since launching a state-level organizing effort in the late 1990s, our organizational structure has today grown to include over 50 coalition meetings in the United States.

Increasingly, our vision for is worldwide cooperation among free-market advocates. We host dozens of formally organized meetings around the world, and more coalitions exist without ongoing regularly scheduled meetings in every region on earth.

  • Coalition Leaders Summit (CLS)
    This grasstops meeting brings together our state and local coalition leaders together to exchange best practices and offers an opportunity for ongoing education on contemporary public policy issues and controversies.
  • International Coalition Leaders Forum (CLF)
    Similar to CLS, our international meetings allow information exchanges between our international partners.
  • Regional Innovation Summits