International Policy

The International Center on Regulation and Taxation at Tholos Foundation provides research on international regulatory and tax policy, and is dedicated to educating policy makers, taxpayers and third party groups around the world. We advocate for free-market, low-tax and pro-competitive policies in the United States and internationally, and apply our knowledge across a variety of fields to highlight regulatory and tax issues within different policy making processes. The Tholos International Center on Regulation and Taxation comments regularly on many issues regarding international taxation and regulatory or antitrust reform.

Some of the key focus areas have been and continue to be the new rise of digital taxes, anti-competitive antitrust reforms and regulatory policy especially concerning the digital marketplace:

  • Australia’s News Media Bargaining Act —>
  • European Union’s Digital Tax Proposal —>
  • German antitrust reform —>
  • European Union’s Digital Services Act, EU’s Digital Markets Act and Digital Strategy —>
  • The OECD process “Tax Challenges Arising from Digitalization” —>
  • Recent action taken by the United Kingdom’s Competition Authority Tribunal
  • European Union’s plastic tax —>
  • International Trade Barrier Index —>
  • International Property Rights Index —>

Please contact Andreas Hellmann at [email protected] for more information.