Danish Voters React Harshly to Vape Restrictions

In response to a recent wave of vape flavor restrictions in Denmark, Tholos commissioned a comprehensive poll by IPSOS. The results show a widespread consensus among Danes, who strongly oppose this ban. Also shown is the fact that most vapers have been able to access banned flavors despite the ban, causing worries about the rise of a new black market. 

•Almost 80% of Danish vapers vape due to health-related reasons, including to reduce or stop smoking. 81% say flavors are important or very important in their decision to vape. 

•In April 2022, Denmark banned all vape flavors other than traditional tobacco. Only 16% of Danish vapers support the flavor ban, while almost 50% are against it. The widespread availability of banned flavors also suggests the rise of an illicit market. 

•Despite flavor bans, vapers continue to seek their flavors of choice. More than half of Danish vapers still use one of the banned flavors, with the most common being menthol. Almost 50% still find banned flavors in local shops and 47% buy them online. 

•93% of Danish vapers say it is easy to find banned flavors. More than 1/2  have seen banned flavors available for sale during their last 10 purchases. 

You can see more about the study here