Tholos Statement on E-Cigarette Legalization in the Philippines

Yesterday, legislation in the Philippines that legalizes e-cigarette sale, distribution, and use officially became law after two Presidents elected not to veto the legislation. The Tholos Foundation sent a letter to President Duterte on June 3rd, 2022, encouraging him to consider the benefits that e-cigarette legalization would have on public health in the Philippines. After President Duterte’s term ended on June 30, 2022, Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr became President.

Tim Andrews, Tholos’ Director of Consumer Issues, had this to say following regarding the new law: “The Tholos Foundation is highly pleased that President Duterte, and his successor Ferdinand Romualdez Marcos Jr, chose to let this legislation become law. As we illustrated in our letter, the Philippines has a disturbingly large smoking population, and we strongly believe that e-cigarette legalization will do a great deal to combat this.

The scientific evidence is indisputable. E-cigarettes are safer than smoking (at least 95% less harmful) and the most effective way to get someone to quit the deadly habit of cigarette smoking. It is encouraging that the Philippines has chosen to embrace the benefits of these products, rather than demonizing them through myths and misinformation as many other nations do.

The Philippines deserves recognition for following the science and pursuing evidence-based policy that will reap benefits for public health. We expect millions of lives to be saved as a result of this law.

Andrews concluded, “Tholos is proud to have supplied critical education to Filipino decision makers on this issue and will continue to advocate for evidence-based policy making in all countries. We are especially thrilled for the people of the Philippines who will finally be allowed legal access to these lifesaving products, access that must be preserved in the Philippines and across the globe.”