Tholos Foundation Submission Informs European Commission of THR Benefits


June 10, 2022

Today, the Tholos Foundation submitted comments to the European Commission’s request for feedback on the legislative framework for tobacco control in Europe.

In the submission, Tholos’ Consumer Policy Fellow Karl Abramson offered scientific studies and proven data showing the public health benefits that come with embracing reduced-risk products like e-cigarettes, snus, and oral nicotine pouches.

Abramson wrote, “There is overwhelming scientific consensus in support of e-cigarettes as smoking cessation devices and they have produced outstanding results in many countries. Regulating them as such will encourage EU cigarette smokers to make the switch to e-cigarettes. This will drastically improve health outcomes across Europe and help decrease socioeconomic disparities.”

The submission mentioned the benefits of e-cigarettes to disadvantaged populations, discussing how e-cigarettes have a demonstrated ability to reduce health disparities, lower medical costs, and improve quality of life.

The full submission can be found here. The full letter can be read here. Any questions can be directed to Karl Abramson at [email protected].