Tholos Foundation Weighs in On Flavor Ban Proposal in the Netherlands

This morning, the Tholos Foundation submitted comments to the Netherlands’ Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport public consultation regarding a proposed regulation that would prohibit non-tobacco flavors in e-cigarettes. Karl Abramson, Tholos’ Consumer Issues Fellow, wrote the submission and released this statement:

“Flavor bans have proven, real-world consequences. We know that flavors matter to vapers and vaping saves lives. We know that flavor bans drive consumers to combustible cigarettes, drastically harming their health. Our submission to the Ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sport aims to educate regulatory officials about the benefits of e-cigarettes and the importance of flavored vapes for people trying to quit smoking.

“More than one in five Dutch adults smoke cigarettes. This is a public health emergency and should be treated as such by the Dutch government. Instead of promoting tobacco harm reduction as a method of reducing smoking rates, this proposal would increase smoking and cause more people in the Netherlands to get sick and die from tobacco-related illnesses.

“It is our hope that the Dutch government will listen, not only to the hundred-plus medical organizations that have endorsed vaping, but also to their citizens. The last time the Netherlands had a public consultation about flavor bans, 98% of respondents opposed the plan. It is rare to see such overwhelming opposition and it is the responsibility of Dutch lawmakers to follow the will of the people and the scientific evidence.

Tholos’ submission can be found here.